Okay, so we’ve designed and implemented a solid infrastructure solution for you with the latest greatest access points, super fast servers and blazing speed to the internet. Now what? Well, now its time to protect it all.

The biggest threat to many businesses is through cyber attacks. Hackers, ransomware and other criminals want to steal your precious data. Malware and viruses are trying to get into your system just to cause grief and headache. But you can protect your data, and we can help you do it.

Firewalls and Filters

Coming in the form of both hardware and software, firewalls are an essential part of any network security system. When properly configured, they keep out the unwanted and untrusted network traffic. Content filters and anti-virus solutions also ensure employees, customers and guests are prevented from accessing undesirable content.

We install state of the art solutions from providers such as Fortinet, one of our strategic business partners.

Physical Security Solutions

Beyond potentially dangerous cyber attacks, physical attacks on your infrastructure are also a concern. Some customers may benefit from physical security measures at their facilities. Solutions may include access controls, camera systems and alarms.

Door Access Control

They can’t do harm if they can’t get in. Thus, stop the intrusion at the perimeter.

Electronic access control on doors can effectively protect a perimeter. Solutions utilizing card key access are fairly common these days. Other solutions can include video and phone protections. And all access can be monitored and tracked.

Surveillance Systems

Security camera systems have become very affordable. A variety of solutions exist to provide photo and video logs. Some are even night vision capable. Camera systems are historically an effective deterrent to unwanted intrusion.